Sparky and Shady MA



Sparky and Shady MA Online Program 

Passionately presented content in eleven video lessons teaching you:

*How humans work

* How to use your Inner Force for good

* How to make your difference

* How to cope with any and all problems

* How to follow your dreams

* How to be, do and have what you want

* How to do your bit to save the planet, humanity and yourself!

The majority of lessons are available now on purchase,

every Tuesday an additional lesson is released! 

The eleven lessons are: 

  1. What if?
  2. Who we are
  3. Why we are here 
  4. How our bodies work 
  5. How our personalities work 
  6. How our thoughts work 
  7. How our feelings work 
  8. How to cope with problems 
  9. How to believe in ourselves 
  10. How to follow our dreams 
  11. What now? 

Each lesson consists of around an hour of content split into 5 – 15 min sessions.

The content is MA for Mature Audiences because it contains adult themes and swearing. Do not purchase this product if you are not open to passionate swearing. 

Kathy presents content to you face to face in each video using a whiteboard with notes to help her explain ideas visually.

To make the lessons more relatable, Eli  a twenty year old past primary school student of Kathy’s asks questions and makes comments from an audience point of view.

There is a 48 hour money back guarantee on this product in case you buy it, watch a few videos and decide it is not for you. 

The other possibility is – you will buy the program, learn some amazing content and be inspired to live a life of bliss! 


Love Kathy

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