Sparky and Shady MA
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Passionately presented content in eleven lessons teaching us:

* How humans work including how to use our Inner Force

* How to cope with problems

* How to believe in ourselves

* How to follow our dreams 

* How to make a difference that is good for us, other people and the planet! 

48 hour money back guarantee! 

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What You’ll Learn

Sparky and Shady MA (SSMA) is an eleven lesson online video program for mature audiences. 

It is an extension of the program for Kids and Big Kids and includes mature themes and swearing. 

Each lesson has around an hour of content broken down into bite size videos of 5 – 15 mins (roughly 6 videos in each). Once you buy the program for $250 you own it for life! (In other words you can watch the videos whenever you want as many times as you want.) 

Here’s an overview of what is covered and when it will be available in the login area…

1. What If?

What if we are here to live incredible lives being, doing and having stuff that makes us happy? What if we can do all this and still save the planet? We can! We just need to use our Inner Force to help us. 

2. Who We Are

We are human beings with a body, personality, thoughts and feelings. We also have an inner world which includes our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, imaginings and destiny as well as our Inner Force.  In this lesson, we meet our Inner Force! 

3. Why We Are Here

We are here to make a difference on the planet that only we can make. This difference is good for us, good for others and good for the planet too (or not bad for any of these). We are also here to be ourselves, have fun, learn, love, grow and have amazing fulfilling adventures! 

4. How Our Bodies Work

The state of our physical body seriously affects the rest of us. If we are not looking after our bodies (not enough sleep or water or exercise, or too much crap food, alcohol or drugs) then our inner fearful force (Shady) dominates our thoughts, feelings and imagination. 

5. How Our Personalities Work

Our personalities are the part of us that gets to consciously choose. We choose what we think, say and do. We can choose to think, feel, believe and imagine loving or fearful stuff. What we habitually choose becomes our personality and destiny. 

6. How Our Thoughts Work

Our thoughts create our lives. All our feelings, beliefs and imaginings have their origins in our thoughts. We have conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts. Our subconscious thoughts determine what we think, say and do 95% of the time!

7. How Our Feelings Work

Our feelings signal how our body is going and what we are thinking. When we feel bad, it is because our body needs something or we are thinking or believing something from our inner fearful force (Shady). It is important to express our feelings so they don’t get bottled up inside us.  

8. How To Cope With Problems

Now we understand how we work we put it all together to cope with any and all problems. There are  Short Cut strategies to help us manage our body, feelings and conscious thoughts. Plus a Pit Stop strategy that works to change unhelpful fearful beliefs in our subconscious.

9. How To Believe in Ourselves

Once we let go of fearful thoughts, feelings, beliefs and imaginings we can fill ourselves up with loving and empowering stuff. When we believe in ourselves we trust our inner loving force (Sparky) and take action to follow its advice. 

10. How To Follow Our Dreams

This one is all about imagining what we want to be, do and have in our lives. When we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel our dreams being true then we are half way there! The other half of the journey is learning how to use our Inner Force to help us get where we want to go.

11. What Now?

By now we’ve spent around ten hours together covering “How humans work” in depth. This lesson gives you all the important take aways in a summary.    If anything resonates with you, you can take it and use it. This lesson is a great one to come back to for a quick revision when you need it!

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