Welcome to the Sparky and Shady MA Online Video Course! 

How exciting is this? We are about to talk about how we work as human beings so we can cope with problems, believe in ourselves, follow our dreams and make a difference on the planet that is good for us, good for other people and good for nature! Remember we don’t expect you to agree with everything, it’s just all here for you to think about! 

In each the following eleven lessons you will find the core content labelled the same as the lesson and then additional content to give you more in depth stuff labelled ‘extra’. If you want the very basics, just do the core lessons. If you want more we will see you in the ‘extra’ lessons.

Just a heads up – these videos were recorded on Zoom and are sometimes acceptable in quality and other times they are pretty poor quality (particularly some of the extra lessons as these were recorded as the first draft). If your Shady points this out to you, we agree! We know the quality of the content is amazing however, so we’ve put it out there anyway!  

Thanks for coming on this adventure with us! Who knows where we will end up! 

Love Kathy and Eli

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