Registration for affiliates is open to people who have purchased the Sparky and Shady MA program. 

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who receives a thank you commission for recommending a product to others. If you have purchased the Sparky and Shady MA program yourself and would like to receive a $25 thank you for each person who buys the program on your recommendation, then we’d love to have you as a Sparky and Shady MA affiliate! 

Conditions include: 

1. You must have purchased the product yourself

2. You must genuinely believe the product will help and inspire others and  

3. You must sign up which includes being willing to give your bank account details to a secure third party payment service provider so you can get paid (you only do this once)! 

The complete Terms and Conditions for affiliates can be found here

How do you recommend and receive the thank you commission? 

1. The first way is – you refer people via your website, social media or email and when they purchase the product they have your affiliate link (a unique code embedded in a link) which identifies you as the person who referred them 


2. The old school way – word of mouth! You recommend the program to others and when they buy it they simply type your name (which pops up in a drop down menu) on the sales page on the Sparky and Shady MA website. 

You can use either or both of the above! Once someone buys the product on your recommendation the service provider pays the $25 thank you commission into your bank account within 7 – 14 days. You do not receive a thank you commission if the customer asks for a refund within the 48 hour refund period. 

Cool! If you would like to sign up – we would love to have you as there are plenty of passionate people out there who are here to make a difference on this planet that is good for them, good for us and good for nature! Let’s help them understand how they work and teach them how to use their Inner Force so they can do what they are here to do too! 

Love Kathy

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